Why Trucks Capital?

I started Trucks Capital to give the customer a place to purchase truck parts where the focus is on them, not the part. The parts are important but what is most valuable is your experience in ordering, receiving and installing your parts.

After getting feedback from the community, it was brought to my attention that things were not going as expected. People had concerns over the order, the installation and many times there was no follow up as to how things were going after they paid for the parts.

Once you find the parts you are looking for, I wanted to ensure you always have someone available to support the process.

Often times the other parts companies get the sale and leave the customer to deal with the rest on their own. I wanted to change this within the truck world. From the time you place an order with Trucks Capital, I am overlooking the order fulfillment, order tracking, delivery confirmations and follow up with the customer upon receiving the parts to ensure it is what they expected. Offering installation videos and support along-side the option to reach me anytime was something that would set us apart from other competitors. 

– David Smith II